Creativity & Productivity Coaching Bot / by James Heywood

Evening all, just a quick post to point you at my latest project page.

I've just finished documenting a side project I undertook last year, building an online coaching 'bot' called Pep for a client of mine.

Hello from Pep!

My involvement with the project started when I was asked whether I could build a working application based on an initial prototype in InVision which the client presented to me, from here I was involved in market research, planning of the project, scoping of the product, requirement gathering, development, deployment and user testing.

The project page is a full write up of the project, as such, it turned into a bit of an epic but hopefully, it will be of interest to someone, and if nothing else it helps to clarify my thoughts and learning from the project, as well as add to my online portfolio of work.

If you have 10 minutes spare and are interested in the process of bringing a prototype product to market (or at least my experience of attempting this) then head on over and give it a read.

As ever comments are welcome here, hope you enjoy the journey.