Personal Public Projects now on GitHub / by James Heywood

So I decided to finally sort out the mess that is my Bitbucket and GitHub accounts.

I've had a mix of public and private repositories in Bitbucket, and very little in GitHub for ages now so I decided that for personal projects I'd move all public repositories over to GitHub, and keep my private repositories in Bitbucket (mostly to save paying for private repositories in GitHub!).

For work projects I still have a mix, as we currently have code in both services, however, we plan to shift over to Github soon so this should sort itself out, plus these are all private anyway so it doesn;t really effect my profile/presence.

There's a nice little import repository tool in GitHub which made this process easy to start, however, in order to finish it and retain any link love I may have out there on the web (probably none tbh!) I thought I'd keep the Bitbucket repositories open, and remove code and update the READMEs to point to their new GitHub replacements.

So that's what I've done, and that's all I have to say. I thought I'd write a little post about seeing as I have had to review past blog posts to ensure any referenced repositories are updated, so here you go, TL; DR my code's now on GitHub.

Oh yeah, another motivator for this is that Squarespace account links only support GitHub (and not Bitbucket) so the link at the top right of my site to GitHub is a little more useful now.

As an aside, I have several new projects and repositories to blog about, so if I ever pull my finger out I'll write about these and post up here, hopefully sometime soon!

That's all for now, if you want to see some code follow the GitHub Octocat icon above, or visit

Bye for now.