Big Data Article on Fresh Business Thinking / by James Heywood

Hello all, 

This post is a bit belated but with family and work it's been a busy old time. Anyway I just wanted to add a note to say that yours truly was asked to write an article for work, as part of a PR effort to raise the company's profile, and my article was published in Fresh Business Thinking, not bad for a few days graft if I do say so myself.

The article was about big data, more specifically what your company should be considering before starting on a project of this kind. Initially it was way over the word limit but with some assistance from my editor (I'm aware that sounds ridiculous!) we streamlined the article and made some sense out of the meandering thoughts I dragged out of my head.

You can view the article by following the link below; 

The Questions Every Organisation should Consider Before Embarking on a Big Data Project

I originally had a different take on the subject planned, more specifically about interesting uses of big data, but I had to change focus to apply the business angle to this piece seeing as it was written for my employer. I'm still happy with the results though, and to be able to say I've had an article published is pretty cool. Who knows maybe I'll expand on this topic here at some point?

That's all for now, ciao