Hello World / by James Heywood

Hello World!

So welcome to my blog, I've been procrastinating for years but I've finally set up a website so that I can add yet another narcissistic voice to the shouting masses already on the web, 'cos yeah why not that's just what the world needs right?

So this blog may or may not go anywhere, but the intention is to put down some thoughts about stuff I find and/or get up to, more specifically I hope this gives me some motivation to get out with my camera and take some more pictures, as it's all too easy to just leave the camera at home.

Also as I've been building web sites and applications for five or six years now I thought it was about time I started putting down some information on the stuff I get up to professionally, maybe some of the information I share will come in handy to someone else out there struggling with a bug or 'undocumented feature', and if I can help someone then that's some small way for me to pay back for all the times I've Googled a problem and found help from someone out there on the web.

With that in mind my next blog will hopefully be about something I worked on recently, so watch this space.

As for this site I'm using Squarespace and still getting the hang of the editor, I know I could and probably should roll my own, however by taking that approach for a couple of years I've not managed to get anything together. Perhaps because I develop for the web all day I just want to switch off when I get home, or spend my time with my family and friends rather than doing more work, even if that work is for me, or perhaps I'm just fundamentally lazy.

So yes I'm using squarespace and its a pretty cool tool, although this is not an advert, go out there find your own or write your own. Maybe if I this goes somewhere I'll end up building my own site, as it stands this is an affordable service to get started with and I'd rather spend my time producing content rather than the platform for now.

On that note, I found a really useful article here; http://www.creativebloq.com/web-design/best-website-builder-8133804 about website building tools, so if you're thinking about setting something up this is a great starting point.

Right enough for now, enjoy the pictures etc etc, I'll be back soon with something a bit more interesting (hopefully).